Accounts are provided instantly after payment is completed.

After payment is completed a download txt button will appear on the page.

Alternatively your download link will be provided in a email so be sure to use valid email address.

Our products are separated in categories which represent age difference.

You can see all available accounts in our shop/main page section.

All our accounts are manually made using highest quality residential proxies.

No, accounts have to be made with an email address due to reddit requirements but are not verified. You can freely change and verify them with your own email adress.

Yes, as mentioned earlier all accounts have to be made with an email address, but you are free and advised to change it to whatever you like.

All our accounts are made with US residential proxies, of course there will be some accounts from other countries as no proxy provider guarantees 100% US proxies.

No, our accounts are totally empty.

Blank accounts could not be banned on any subreddit as they are not used yet.

You can use these accounts in any manner that you wish.

Do not worry, you can contact us at [email protected] if you got your accounts banned in order to replace them with new ones.

If you however posted something on those accounts and got banned we will not replace them.

You have 24 hours to check accounts for any banned ones. After initial 24 hours we will not refund or replace any banned accounts.

We have our own periodic check for any banned accounts.

When you purchase any amount of accounts our system checks if accounts are not banned.

However as with everything there could still be slip ups.

Please send us an email with proof in order to get new accounts or a refund.

Our accounts with karma have content that has been posted in order to get karma. You can delete those posts if you like. You will not lose any karma after you deleted them. 

All sales are final. We refund only in case of banned accounts or accounts that are not usable.

If you have any requests or questions please contact us at [email protected] or send us a message on our discord (username is

You can read our terms of service here